Our Purpose


In writing the I Am Sheriauna series, I have connected with many children’s book authors and families.  I realized that there are so many resources out there but it takes time and a lot of searching to find material that is not always readily available through mainstream channels; this continues to improve. 

Through writing and speaking engagements, I have had the privilege of hearing the impact of representation in books on young readers, their families, and community members at large.  Sherylee Speaks is moving beyond the I Am Sheriauna series to create more books and content with main characters that reflect Black boys and girls, with different abilities, in stories that all children can relate to.  

My desire is to use my lived experiences to write stories that spread a message of understanding and acceptance while empowering those who may be facing challenges. Using my voice through storytelling and public speaking, I  hope to create space for conversations between generations and diverse groups in different settings.

Stay tuned for more series that will bring meaningful books to your home.  

We welcome you to engage with both Sheriauna and myself to ask questions, share stories and gain understanding from our perspective!

Sherylee’s hope is that a child who reads this book with a parent, teacher, a friend or independently will be better able to see differences as potential for learning something new.