About Us

I am a mother, advocate, author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. I am an advocate for my daughter Sheriauna who is a person living with a limb difference.

My first book entitled, I Am Sheriauna Book 1: We Are Beautiful, was a labor of love that finally came into being.  Both Sheriauna and I have experienced various reactions to Sheriauna’s amputation from people of all ages and walks of life. When she was 4 years old I decided to write my book as a way to help others understand limb differences and also to give Sheriauna a voice at times when she may not have been able to do it herself.  

Over time, through encouragement and practice, Sheriauna has become her own advocate and shares her story with others. Stares and questions became an opportunity for her to educate those who were interested and to empower herself.  

The original intent was to make I Am Sheriauna a series to tell stories and share examples of what it means to be a child with a limb difference and experience some of the same things other children are going through but may handle a bit differently.    My desire is to use my lived experiences to spread a message of understanding and acceptance while continuing to create stories that empower others who may be facing challenges

In writing the I Am Sheriauna series, Sherylee connected with many children’s book authors and realized that there are so many resources out there but it just may take some extra searching to find them.

Hopefully as time moves forward books with children of colour, disabilities, and other differences will readily be available for young readers. Stay tuned for more series that will bring meaningful books to your homes and schools.